Month: February 2017

Feel Mind Blowing Virtual Sex On VR Gear

Porn industry is one of the most growing entertainment industries in the present time. Due to its popularity, the Porn industry is considered valuable for evolving the technologies. The trend of pornography has undergone a drastic change due to the introduction of the advanced video making equipments and several equipments which have completely transformed the experience of watching videos. Nowadays, virtual reality is a heading technology in the pornography industry. It is the technology which has enabled the viewers to feel the porn in real. To experience the virtual reality of the porn, there are VR devices that bring you a new experience of virtual realities.

VR is different from normal porn

Users who use best VR porn headset for watching porn have the first-person view. Their mind replaces one of the actors from the scene. Hence, the viewers become a participant of the porn videos while remaining seated. The other actors move around and interacted with them. Since, the porn star looks directly into the stereo cameras thus, the viewers feel as if the actors are looking into their eyes. The actors speak is such a manner that it seems that they are addressing the viewers in real. By using the VR devices, the users are able to look around up to 180 degrees while remaining on their seat.

Great feature to delete the porn videos

There are many people who have to face the embarrassment because they often forget to delete the porn from their mobile phones which they have watched. Hence, to avoid the same situation while watching porn on VR, best VR devices and apps are now offering delete feature which helps you to easily delete the history of watching porn. Hence, it will help in maintaining your privacy and you can watch porn without any fear.

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Boost Your Sexual Life With Sexy And Comfortable Liberator

Image result for sex sofaThe passionate couples easily find several places in their house to get sexually intimate. It is fun and interesting to enjoy sex out of your bedroom. If you are also bored of regular sex practice in the bedroom and in the same sex position, then you can boost your sexual excitement with the help of sex furniture. Unlike the other type of furniture in your house, sex furniture has unique design and shape which provides great sensuality to enhance your sex life. Among the wide range of sex future, Liberator or sex couches are the most popular type of sex furniture. In order to avoid the embarrassment of having the sex furniture in your house, you can look for the customizable liberators which look like any other common couch. It can be customized easily according to your requirement so that you can have more fun with your partner.

Enjoy fantasy positions with your partner

Generally, this type of sofa has one higher end to support your head and has slightly curved shape so you can easily spread your legs to enjoy the ride with your partner. You can also try oral sex to heat up the mood of your partner to enjoy irresistibly sensual sex. If you are not aware how to spice up your sex life with sex sofa then you can check out on the internet for more sex positions which you can try on the sex liberator or couch.

Liberators that are designed particularly for the sexual fantasies are the best option for the females to masturbate. It gives them the best angle for masturbation so that they can use the toys for getting incredible orgasm.  Your partner’s body gets raised which helps you to get the right angle for penetration and hit rightly on the prostate for great sensations.


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