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Life size shemale doll – pleasure heaven for men

Whether you are straight or gay male, life size shemale doll is perfect. It is way better than most dick toys out there. Why? Because it has got a multi-purpose. You can do with her whatever you can do with real girl … or a shemale.

Are you up for vaginal sex with the doll? What about anal sex? Do you like licking and sucking girl’s vagina and asshole? What about a blowjob? Or a tit job? These are all possible. On top of that you can also ride her dick. You can also suck it. What about 69? So whatever you wish, it is possible.

Vaginal and anal sex – you can have them both. Shemale’s cocks are usually unmountable so you can remove it if you don’t want that dick … or if you want to have vaginal sex before mounting that dick back again. These dolls also have a very beautifyl ass with an asshole so you can also fuck her through her anus.

Oral and tit jobs – these gorgeous shemale girls come with beatiful faces. In fact, they are so beautiful that you wish to kiss them. They can be opened as well so you can have a blow job done by a shemale sex doll. You can also have a tit job because their boobs are usually big enough.

Their dick is there for you too – you can also mount that dick on her and then suck it. It is not gay as long as you don’t suck man’s cock. Beautiful girl’s dick is always tempting, right? You can also ride it. It will give men a massive orgasm and pleasure. So why not ride it while touching her nipples and kissing her?

You can also suck her dick while inserting your cock in her mouth. This position is called 69 and these are the facts why shemale sex dolls are the best sex toys ever.

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