Month: June 2017

How To Do A Great Phone Sex Session?

Nowadays phone sex is loved by many people and almost everyone who knows little about sexting always wants to try it out with their partner. However, phone sex can be done with strangers also because there are many different sites available over the internet from which you can do phone sex with strangers.

When you do phone sex with strangers, it is always advised to hide your identity and always talk over the phone only. Do not send them your picture or anything. If you are new and want to know how to do telephone sex effectively then strangers are worth to try as you get the experience about how to do this type of sex.

How to do phone sex?

Ask frequent questions – at first try to keep the conversation general and then slowly take it up to another level. First talk about how you spend your day and ask your partner about the same. It is good if you get little inquisitive and ask your partner about what he/she is wearing and how eager you are to take your clothes off to get relaxed. Also, tell them how badly you miss them and vice versa. As soon as you start asking questions frequently it can raise the temptation between you two and then you will surely have a great phone sex.

Sex toys – sex toy is one of the best things that you can introduce over your phone sex session. It can raise the heat between you two and also help both the partners to achieve orgasm very quickly. Also, tell how you feel when you use sex toys and more.

Close eyes – to bring more sensation between you and your partner, you can ask them to close their eyes and ask each other to feel that you both are with each other so that you can enjoy your phone sex more.

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