Month: October 2017

Threesome between three men is cool

Now imagine you are gay and having sex with your boyfriend … or just another man. Why have sex with one man when you can participate in 3some xxx experience? There are threesomes between three men. It is crazy.

So if you like it rough then threesome is the way to do it. Imagine being fucked in the ass and at the same time sucking a dick. Yes, this is the true way of having rough threesome. Now what you do is probably start blow job  while crouching while third man licks your ass so it’s wet and slippery so that guy can put his cock up your ass.

Then the guy you just blow job to can fuck you in the ass because his cock is also wet and slippery. Now imagine being forced to blow job, providing a deep throat blow job until you are gagging on the cock, at the same time, getting pondered in your ass real good. And as you know, most gay’s cocks are huge so be ready to take a load deep inside your ass.

Why not lay one of your friends’ on his back and then ride his cock? At the same time you can still suck dick of your other friend. This way you can comfortably stroke your own cock at the same time. Perhaps jerk off on your friend or in his mouth.

Why not have both cock in your mouth? Or ask your friends to jerk off in your mouth? As they say, the real love is between men so use it as your motto while fucking and sucking 2 of your gay friends.

The situations that I described above can be done easily. There are plenty of other scenarios that can be played. You can also use all kinds of crazy sex toys to spice up the sex life.

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Online Sex Dating – Getting Popular In Norge

Norge is the Norwegian name for Norway which is a country in Europe famous for its mountains, green spaces, museums, glaciers, nightlife and adult fun that it offers. Sex dating norge is very popular these days as the people here are care free and want to live their life to the fullest which includes sexual pleasure also. Now days most of the people prefer to do online dating as it is fast, easy and convenient. You need not to leave your place or house in order to search for a woman with whom you can go out on a date. There are many dating websites present on the internet, but the most popular of them all is the sex dating site where people meet each other just to have sex. This is the best way to enjoy the sex without getting involved into the complications of life and relationships. These dating sites are designed for open-minded people who like to enjoy the casual sex and romance is their life.

Easy access: These online sex dating sites make it easy for you to meet those potential people who are also looking forward to find a potential partner for yourself. Finding such people in the crowd in your daily life is almost impossible as you just cannot shout it loud that you are looking for a sex partner in public and this is the reason why most of the people prefer to go with online search option.

Matching: These websites provide you with perfect matching that you may want. Most of the websites provide you with recommendation according to your needs and desires. All you need to do is select the preference and qualities that you want in your partner and these websites will try to provide you with a perfect partner according to your needs. The website searches the profile of various people according to your needs.

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